Innovations in Cloud Server Technology

2870445260_be7408f39d_o_dFor those not familiar with cloud server technology, it basically refers to accessing the internet, or computer applications and storage remotely or virtually, rather than using the computer’s hard drive. Although this provides users with convenience and ease, questions have been raised which has opened the doors for advancements in this field of technology.

The first round of advancements addressed issues involving the security risks. Businesses and government agencies are primary targets for security violations, however, with the having ability of encrypting their storage, files or documents, their risks have been minimized and reduces the risk of invasions by hackers on their IP addresses. This is important because by leaving their connection unsecured unauthorized users can access their data that is stored virtually. Security Automation has been an additional enhancement towards security. This eliminates issues which arise with manual security such as, minimizing human error, guaranteeing implementation of security policies, and early detection of identifying vulnerability. Minimizing security risks, allows time to create other innovations in cloud server technology.

Big wig companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Amazon and many others came to the realization that cloud computing and cloud based applications are the key to the future. With the competition in this industry, these companies have to develop and integrate an advancement that will prove beneficial. Two companies recently collaborated in order to produce groundbreaking advancements involving cancer research and cloud technology. By using a cloud prototype and scientific genetic sequencing calculations, a database was created that will personalize and custom build treatment plans to tailor patients.

Video surveillance has even joined the bandwagon for innovating the cloud. The ability to access surveillance and software via the cloud has proven to be beneficial for small businesses as well as big corporations. This eliminates the need to have to access surveillance onsite and convenience to use remote access and control.

IT departments have benefited from major advancements due to the use of virtual work spaces and remote access. Availability of virtual desktops have resulted in optimal speed and performance for those users, alleviating IT’s workload in this area. Their time can be better spent on providing other services.

Investments in cloud datacenter has made it possible to complete the advancements that have been made and provided the ability to perform144022496_6bd3ac7ac1_o11 other reconstructing of the technology. Cloud computing has opened the way for many areas of development, primarily focused on improving communication, and increasing beneficial contribution factors.

Security, speed and performance will continue to provide an opportunity in advancements of cloud server technology. Enhancements in virtualization services have paved the way for ready to run applications, efficiency in speed and enhancing in coding applications, which allows for multiple platforms to run simultaneously. This is an ongoing development designed to eliminate hackers, and assist with speed of updates and installations as well as enabling patches to be applied for security violations or risks in an expedited manner.

Advancements in cloud server technology affects all means of cloud computing, whether it is on a laptop or smartphone. Mobile cloud computing will produce the most modern, innovated enhancements due to the complexity of the transformation from legacy to cloud. Mobile cloud computing has already been enhanced as these smartphones are looked at as mini computers. In the future, stay tuned for the how smartphones will evolve in the advancements of cloud server technology.